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Sample Price List

Wedding gown hemming: from $80 plain, from $120 with lace,            plus $20 per additional layer

Wedding gown taking in/out: from $100, no embellishments

Bustles/shoulder straps/bra cups: from $20 - 25

Bridesmaid gown/Prom dress hemming: from $60 for 2 layers 

Dress shoulders raise: from $40 with lining, $60 with sleeves

Dress tapering: from $20 armhole to hips, no lining

Formal dress taking in/out: from $40 plain, with lining $60

Pants hemming: jeans $10, twin stretch $15, formal/euro $20

Pants waist taking in/out: from $20 suit/formal, $30 jeans

Pants tapering: jeans 1 seam from $20 plus $5 shortening

Pants tapering: suit/formal 2 seams from $30 + $10 shortening 

Sheath dress hemming: $15 for width under 40", no lining

Skirt waist taking in/out: from $20 per seam, no lining/belt

Suit jacket: from $25 per seam tapering, sleeves $50 shortening

Shirt tapering: darts $15, side serge/stitch $20, flat-felled $35

Shirt sleeves shortening: $15 no placket, $30 with placket

Shirt hemming: $20 no detail, t-shirt $15

Sleeves addition: from $80 labor only

Zippers (my supply): from $2 per inch for dress/coat

Zippers (my supply): from $30 for pants/skirt

Zipper slider or pull replacement: $10

* minimum charge for repairs/stitching is $8

alteration prices for prom, wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, and other formal outfits may change due to construction, fabric material, additional layer or embellishments that have to removed then resewn

* please call or send an email for further inquires or other pricing for alterations, tailoring or seamstress services

* sending photos via email with your inquiry are most helpful

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