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About Me

I grew up in the tailoring business way before the ready-to-wear years and therefore know what quality alteration is all about. If you want a seamstress to alter or refresh that favorite outfit, have a new outfit fit look like custom-made, or simply look polished with clothes that have the right length and no missing buttons, etc. call Alterations Idea today.

Conveniently located east of Hwy. 10 & south of Central Parkway, close to Square One mall, Mississauga.

Alterations offered, among other sewing services:

  • Wedding gowns, bridal party and prom dresses

  • Men's suit coats and pants

  • Tailoring adjustments for most outfits

  • Restyling classic outfits to contemporary

  • Mending and hemming

  • Custom curtains, throw pillows & seat covers (schedule permitting)

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